From the very beginning in 1984, InCA was conceived as an international alliance of top-ranked non-fiction producers. InCA has produced stories on every continent. It has production contacts, fixers and suppliers everywhere from Sydney to Beijing, Moscow to Barcelona.


Many of InCA's productions have demanded extraordinary international production skills: The Heart of Healing, created in 1993/4, required filming in 12 countries, as diverse as Kenya and Brazil, China and Holland. Amelia Earhart, The Final Hours, created between 1997 and 1999, required a production effort in 19 countries, with multiple producers and film crews covering the dramatic eleven-week reconstruction of Earhart's final flight. Keeping Score, the ongoing multi-year co-production with the San Francisco Symphony, has required location and concert filming in more than a dozen locations across Europe and the United States, from St Petersburg (Russia) to Saratoga Springs (NY).


InCA operates in four countries worldwide: the US, England, Kenya and France. Each InCA company is an autonomous group, which operates in close collaboration with the other InCA partners. Several productions require the assistance of more than one InCA group. Africa's Children, a TV and educational special which launched in 2000, is a collaboration between InCA Nairobi and InCA San Francisco: Nairobi designed the four-color book and supplied producers, directors and film crews for the shooting, digital post-production was shared between Nairobi and San Francisco, and the final editing, educational versioning and publicity work was done by the American office.

This level of international expertise, connectedness and competence is unique in a documentary production company like InCA.

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