July – August 2014: InCA News

A Year in Champagne – Samuel Goldwyn Films will distribute
A Year in Burgundy: VOD available on iTunes. DVDs on amazon.com
A Year in Port – Editing and post-production continues
New film,
Arion Press: The First 100 completes production in San Francisco
8 Ways to Wellbeing: new website with feedback: 8waystowellbeing.com
John Brown’s Body at San Quentin Prison – now available
Emmy-winner Journey of the Universe available on VOD/DVD worldwide

Champagne film: major Hollywood distributor announced

Written and directed by David Kennard
Camera and editing: Jamie Lejeune and James Kennard

Senior Producers: David Kennard and Martine Saunier
Executive Producer: Todd Ruppert

What’s the story behind the creation of the world’s most famous wine? A Year in Champagne, the second of InCA’s trilogy of wine films takes you behind the scenes of a mysterious and fascinating process. You’ll meet champion champagne-masters, hard-working family teams, Bouchon the Dog (his name means Cork), and live through one of the toughest years, weatherwise, the region has ever known.

April was our month of Film Festival and Press Screenings, all highly successful:
April 5: East Coast Premiere at Palm Beach International Film Festival
April 9: VIP & Press screening at Claude Lelouche Theater, Paris (France)
April 19: Mid-West Premiere at Minneapolis
International Film Festival
April 27: Newport Beach International Film Festival (So.Cal. premiere)

LATEST NEWS: Samuel Goldwyn Films will be distributing the film in all media in North America.
Release date for
A Year in Champagne will be FEBRUARY 2015 in the US

Find lots more details (and news of our Distributor) on:

Burgundy film a hit on iTunes. Find DVDs at Amazon.com

Written and directed by David Kennard
Camera and editing: Jamie Lejeune
Senior Producers: David Kennard and Martine Saunier
Executive Producer: Todd Ruppert

A YEAR IN BURGUNDY features a year in the life of six wine-making families of Burgundy, France. Shot on location in 2011 and early 2012, it is passionate, romantic and full of joy.
The film has received many great reviews internationally, and has won the coveted Audience Prize at the prestigious OENOVIDEO Film Festival, held in Carcassonne, France. The prize-giving was held on September 28 at the French Senate in Paris. Follow our success and read reviews here

The film was launched at the end of 2013 in full worldwide distribution on iTunes, X-box etc. It is now also available in French and German. You can find the DVD, with extra material & deleted scenes on amazon.com. FilmBuff of New York handle all markets (including limited theatrical release). Kino-Lorber are distributing DVDs and handling non-theatrical rights.
Visit the film’s
website for all the latest news, and to watch the trailer.

Editing continues on third wine film: A Year in Port

Written and directed by David Kennard
Camera and editing: Jamie Lejeune and James Kennard

Senior Producers: David Kennard and Martine Saunier
Executive Producer: Todd Ruppert

Our third film on fine wine, A Year in Port, completed its final location shooting in London and the city of Porto, Portugal in November. Editing started in February. The film will be finished by Winter 2014/5, and launched in 2015. This will complete a 3-box DVD set of wine films, when released later next year.

8 Ways to Wellbeing: new film project and website

This new cross-platform documentary project features the ground-breaking work of
Dr. Roger Walsh, Professor of Psychiatry, Anthropology and Philosophy at U.C. Irvine. Titled “8 Ways to Wellbeing”, the project investigates how TLC’s (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) can achieve dramatic effects not only to our physical well-being, but to our mental health. How can we personally confront and control our anxiety, depression, even Alzheimer’s? How toxic is our personal lifestyle? What can we do to change things, in small steps? The resulting 60-minute documentary will be nationally distributed on PBS. The website will offer information and support for “8 Ways” followers.

Please visit the new website, 8waystowellbeing.com
Having already raised $100,000, we are now raising completion funds for this remarkable film

Consultant and Director of Research:
Dr Elizabeth Kennard, PsyD, MFT
Senior Producer, Writer and Director:
David Kennard.

New documentary: “Arion Press: Creating the 100th” completes production

InCA has partnered with San Francisco’s unique and extraordinary
Arion Press to create a new short film about the process of high-end, collector’s-item book production. Arion creates the most extraordinary, valuable and highly-regarded books in the United States, using many technologies that date back hundreds of years. As the internet, e-readers and electronic media start to challenge the very existence of “books” on paper, Arion pushes the state of Gutenberg’s art to new heights, interleaving art of every sort into books of every shape and format. The creation of its 100th book, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, is the feature of the first short film (13 minutes), just completed, and entered for the San Jose Shorts Film Festival.

John Brown’s Body at San Quentin Prison

Twelve years ago, InCA partnered with film-maker Joe de Francesco and others to create a unique event at San Quentin Prison, on San Francisco Bay: ten inmates, many convicted of murder, performed a deeply moving theatrical version of the epic poem
JOHN BROWN’S BODY, which was filmed in front of a live audience. Now, Joe de Francesco has created a stunning documentary about the men who performed the play: what happened to them in the intervening years? How did the experience of becoming actors and creating a team shape their lives? On 27 February, 2014, the film received its “San Quentin Premiere” in front of visitors and inmates, and received an extraordinary, rapturous response.

Originally premiering in November 2013 at the Mill Valley Film Festival (three sell-out screenings),
JOHN BROWN’S BODY is now available for distribution in all media.

InCA’s Emmy-winning “Universe” story
Journey of the Universe
A mind-blowing journey through 14 billion years

A documentary special produced and directed by David Kennard and Patsy Northcutt
Location Producer (Samos, Greece): Lizzie Kennard

“Journey of the Universe” is a roller-coaster ride through 14 billion years of history, in 57 minutes!
Set in the Greek island of Samos, it is a unique experience, with stunning special effects.
The film won the Northern California Emmy for Best Documentary of 2012, and the
Global Award at the 2012 Montana CINE International Film Festival

The 20-part educational video series is now available. See here for a pdf press release

Written and presented by Brian Swimme, co-written and executive-produced by Mary Evelyn Tucker.
Produced and directed by
David Kennard and Patsy Northcutt, with location producer Lizzie Kennard.

For more information on the film and the book, and to see the trailer, visit www.journeyoftheuniverse.org

Reinventing Yourself now available on DVD

Created and produced by Lizzie Kennard and David Kennard. Story producer Jamie Lejeune.
This compelling one-hour film tells the story of four people who decided to start life all over again –
re-shaping their work, their relationships and their world-view. Why and how did they take this step?
The final story shows how the Chickasaw nation decided to follow the path of creativity and re-invention.

Premiered in April/May 2012 on PBS stations, now available on DVD directly from InCA Productions

Watch a teaser trailer
Download the press kit PDF

“Deep Waters”: arctic documentary story

Created and produced by Alisha Lumea. Written and directed by David Kennard
InCA’s first ever short documentary feature is set in the Arctic.
The film is based in Pangnirtung, a tiny Inuit community on Baffin Island.
The film features Inuit families as they battle for survival in this harsh but beautiful place.

Please click below to watch the story: “Summer Days”.

Watch the first story

Don't miss InCA’s timeless international music hit!

Keeping Score: Mahler – final episode of series featuring creativity in music
InCA’s legendary series has won the ASCAP/Deems Taylor and the German Record Critics’ Awards.
Our entire 10-part series on Great Symphonies, featuring Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony
was a national hit on PBS (2003 – 2011) and is now available on DVD from

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